Advanced Computer Vision with OpenCV and Python

Image processing basics, Object detection and tracking, Deep Learning, Facial landmarks and many special applications

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What will i learn?
  • Image Processing
  • Face Detection

Curriculum for this course
15 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
Master Computer Vision OpenCV in Python
15 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Introduction & Installing OpenCV From Prebuilt Binaries
  • Reading Image as Color or GrayScale Image in Python using OpenCV
  • Extracting The Image RGB Values of a Pixel in Python Using OpenCV
  • Extracting the Image Region of Interest (ROI) in Python using OpenCV
  • Resizing the Image in Python using OpenCV
  • Rotate the Image in Python using OpenCV
  • Drawing a Rectangle on Image in Python using OpenCV
  • Displaying text on Image in Python using OpenCV
  • Visualizing the Different Color Channels of an RGB Image in Python using OpenCV
  • Arithmetic Operations on Images using OpenCV
  • Access Camera Using OpenCV with Python
  • Record Video From a Webcam using OpenCV
  • Face Detection From an Image in Python using OpenCV
  • Face Detection From Webcam in Python Using OpenCV
  • Face Detection with Name in Python using OpenCV
  • python
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  1. Understanding the fundamentals of computer vision & image processing
  2. Improve programming skills in Python
  3. Build computer vision applications using OpenCV
  4. Object detection and tracking examples
  5. Besides learning some OpenCV functions, Also you will have many special examples with your own algorithm
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  • Sun, 04-Apr-2021
    Varun Arora
    Excellent Sir, It was very well organized. Talk is cheap, Show me the code.
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    Vineet Krishna Gupta
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    Muhammad Dzalhaqi
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    Januda Pasandul
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    Vivek Kumar
  • Thu, 17-Mar-2022
    Om Yele
    More deep explanation for beginners needed
  • Sat, 21-May-2022
    D Tarun
    They have some quality contet here...Everyone plss check this out
  • Sun, 06-Nov-2022
    Barchinoy Abduraxmonova
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