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Make the most of video Quiz Answers

Question 1: When incorporating videos into a digital strategy, which of the following tactics provides value to customers?

A: Setting up live streams of the business’s physical shop on their website

B: Publishing a how-to video on their website

C: Producing sale campaign videos

D: Sharing personal vlogs

Question 2: What can using video as part of your online presence help you create?

A: Content that will go viral

B: A channel to engage with customers

C: A variety of different brand perceptions

D: An online following and fanbase

Question 3: Fill in the blank: As a small business, creating videos to showcase your business or product requires only ______.

A: An agency, professional crew and equipment

B: Creativity, lots of experience and a large budget

C: Creativity, planning and any budget

D: Creativity, planning and high-quality equipment

Question 4: Using videos in email marketing and social media is an effective way to do what?

A: Increase word of mouth referrals

B: Engage and grow your audience

C: Guarantee sales of your product or service

D: Lower the cost of developing content

Question 5: How can you take advantage of video for your product/services without actually making a video?

A: This isn’t possible

B: Advertise on other people’s videos

C: Use images with a call to action instead

D: Share other people’s videos

Question 6: When looking at your video analytics, you discover people are only watching the first few seconds of your video. What should you do?

A: Consider removing the video from the platform

B: Consider re-shooting your video based on comments

C: Consider updating your preview images, video titles or descriptions

D: Consider asking people to watch the whole video in the description

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