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Connect through email Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which of the following will you need to start an email marketing programme?

A: A collection of email templates

B: A ‘Contact Us’ form

C: A way to collect people’s email addresses

D: A set budget

Question 2: Which of the following is a common feature of email marketing platforms?

A: Personalised, custom templates

B: A free list of email addresses you can target

C: A feature allowing users to unsubscribe from your emails

D: Automation of your search ad campaigns

Question 3: Which of these is a good practice to keep in mind when sending emails to your contacts?

A: Run an A/B test on your subject line to determine which one works best

B: Send the same generic and simple message to your entire contact database

C: Include enough content in the email so there is no need for them to click away to read further elsewhere

D: Only include a call to action on the landing page you’re linking to in the email

Question 4: If the open rate of your emails seems low, which of the following could help you fix that?

A: Redesign your website

B: Change the colour of the buttons inside your email

C: Send your emails to more contacts

D: Adjust the subject line of your email

Question 5: Which of the following statements is true when it comes to running email campaigns for a business?

A: There’s no need to use sponsored ads within your email marketing

B: There’s no need for analytics when it comes to email marketing

C: You need to include personal contact details

D: You can use any imagery, despite copyright

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