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Project: Deploy a Serverless App for Image Processing Cognitive Class Exam Answers:-

 Course Name:-Project: Deploy a Serverless App for Image Processing

Deploying Serverless App

Question 1: To deploy a workload to Code Engine, your pipeline can start with either a container image or your source code

  • True
  • False

Question 2:  The act of “binding” refers to:

  • Creating a workload in Code Engine that processes events
  • Converting a monolithic application into micro-services
  • Connecting a batch job to an application
  • Leveraging a managed service from within an application or batch job
  • None of the above

Question 3: Cluster local applications can not access the internet?

  • True
  • Fals

Question 4: What type of workloads can run on Code Engine?

  • 12-factor apps
  • RESTful API services
  • event-driven functions
  • batch jobs
  • all of the above

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