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Web Application Firewall Quiz Answers NSE 2 Information Security Awareness Fortinet

Question 1: When considering web application firewalls, what two factors make a signature-based approach to defense, obsolete? (Choose two.)

  • Signature-based detection is too slow to identify threats.
  • Signature-based detection is not effective against zero-day exploits.
  • Signature-based detection, when used alone, can generate many false positives.
  • Signatures cannot stop SQL injection attacks.

Question 2: Which was the predecessor to a web application firewall?

  • Antivirus software
  • Application firewall
  • Web firewall
  • Internet filter

Question 3: What do web application firewalls do that traditional edge firewalls do not?

  • Block port numbers
  • Block protocols
  • Block MAC addresses
  • Block SQL injection attacks

Question 4: What does a web application firewall do?

  • It allows applications to access online content.
  • It prevents applications from accessing the web at certain times of the day.
  • It monitors and blocks malicious HTTP/HTTPS traffic to and from a web application.
  • It provides a means for businesses to monitor which web applications their users are accessing.

Question 5: Which statement about integrating FortiGuard Labs with FortiWeb is true?

  • FortiGuard Labs must be integrated with FortiGate first, before integrating with FortiWeb.
  • FortiGuard Labs is an optional feature that does not provide any benefits to FortiWeb.
  • FortiGuard Labs provides vital updates to FortiWeb about new threats.
  • FortiGuard Labs provides machine learning features to FortiWeb.

Question 6: In which two ways does machine learning help make modern web application firewalls more effective? (Choose two.)

  • It allows them to return search results quicker than using traditional filtering methods.
  • It allows them to adapt to the ever-changing attributes of threats.
  • It allows them to choose the most appropriate web application for a given task.
  • It allows them to perform behavior analysis at machine speed.

Question 7: Which two products can be integrated with FortiWeb? (Choose two.)

  • FortiPhone
  • FortiConnect
  • FortiGate
  • FortiFax
  • FortiSandbox

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