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Security Information & Event Management Quiz Answer NSE 2 Information Security Awareness Fortinet

Question 1: How did SIEM evolve?

  • As an information platform only
  • From an information platform to a threat intelligence center
  • From an information platform to a fully integrated and automated center for security and network operations
  • As a threat intelligence center only

Question 2: Which three regulatory standards and acts must businesses, hospitals, and other organizations comply with? (Choose three.)

  • PCI
  • SPML
  • XSLT
  • GDPR

Question 3: Which three problems does SIEM solve? (Choose three.)

  • The complexity of technology and the difficulty with identifying attacks
  • The lack of implementation of authentication methods
  • The lack of security awareness by employees
  • The long delay in discovering security breaches by security teams
  • More sophisticated and stealthy cyber attacks

Question 4: Which two requirements led to the development of SIEM? (Choose two.)

  • To perform vulnerability scanning
  • To measure and prove compliance to various legislations
  • To contend with the flood of alerts issued from IPSs and IDSs
  • To simulate phishing attacks

Question 5: What does the term SIEM stand for?

  • Security Information and Email Management
  • Security Information and Electronic Messaging
  • Security Information and Emergency Management
  • Security Information and Event Manager

Question 6: Which three tasks must technology perform to satisfy network security compliance requirements? (Choose three.)

  • Monitor, correlate, and notify events in real-time
  • Aggregate logs from many network sources
  • Prevent employees from accessing the internet
  • Store log data for a length of time that satisfies auditing requirements
  • Allow public access to aggregated logs

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