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cognitive class

MapReduce and YARN Cognitive exam Answers:-

 Course Name :- MapReduce and YARN Module 1 :- Introduction to Map Reduce and YARN Question 1: Which phase of MapReduce is optional? ShuffleReduceCombinerMap Question 2: Which node is responsible for assigning (key, value) pairs to different reducers? Shuffle nodeReducer nodeCombiner nodeMapper node Question 3 : Where are the output …

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NoSQL and DBaaS 101 Cognitive class Answers:-

Course Name :- NoSQL and DBaaS 101 Modules 1:-   Introducing NoSQL Question 1: Scalability is a reason for employing a NoSQL database. True or false? TrueFalse Question 2: Which of the following is a category of a NoSQL database? KeyValueDocumentGraphBigTableAll of the above Question 3: A NoSQL database is slightly …

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Deep Learning Fundamentals cognitive exam Answers:-

Course Name :- Deep Learning Fundamentals Module 1 :- Introduction to Deep Learning Question 1 : Select the reason(s) for using a Deep Neural Network. Some patterns are very complex and can’t be deciphered precisely by alternate meansDeep Nets are great at recognizing patterns and using them as building blocks …

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Reactive Architecture: Distributed Messaging Patterns cognitive class Answers:-

Course Name :- Reactive Architecture: Distributed Messaging Patterns Chapter Name :- Message Driven Architecture Evolution of communication Question 1:-Which of the following are real world analogues for Synchronous Communication? Phone CallsText MessageEmailVideo ChatHandwritten LettersIn Person Conversations Question 2 : True or False: Synchronous communication can be substituted for Asynchronous communication …

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Reactive Architecture: Reactive Microservices

Course Name :- Reactive Architecture: Reactive Microservices Chapter Name :-The Software Spectrum Question 1  : True or False: When building software you have to choose between building a monolith or building microservices. There is no in between. TrueFalse Question 2: When deciding whether to build a system as a monolith …

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