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cognitive class

Introduction to Open Source Cognitive Class Exam Answers:-

Course Name :- Introduction to Open Source Module 1 :-Introduction to Open Source Question 1 : Name four of the six open source elements at IBM. Tooling, Continuous Delivery, Contribution, TrainingRecognition, Training, Production, ContributionTooling, Consuming, Contributing, RecognitionTraining, Recognition, Contributing, Testing Question 2: Which of the following four open source software …

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Introduction to Quantum Computing cognitive class Exam Answers:-

Course Name :- Introduction to Quantum Computing Introduction to Quantum Computing Cognitive Class Exam Answers:- Question 1 : How many binary digits can a superposed electron store? 24517 Question 2 : Who dreamed up the cat-in-the-box thought experiment? SchrodingerDr. SeussLeibnizHeisenberg Question 3 : Which of the following results in the …

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Spark Fundamentals I Cognitive class Exam Answers:-

Course Name :- Spark Fundamentals I Module 1 :- Introduction to  Spark Question 1 : What gives Spark its speed advantage for complex applications? Spark can cover a wide range of workloads under one systemVarious libraries provide Spark with additional functionalitySpark extends the MapReduce modelSpark makes extensive use of in-memory …

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