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Insider Threat Perspectives Quiz Answers NSE 1 Information Security Awareness Fortinet

Question 1: Which practice strengthens the physical security of your work environment?

  • Ensure that your software is up-to-date and that the latest patches are applied.
  • Recycle all paper, CDs, DVDs, hard drives etc. into their appropriate bins.
  • Pile all confidential documents neatly to one corner of your desk.
  • Shred and destroy all documents that contain sensitive personal or organizational information rather than tossing them into the waste bin.

Question 2: Why are insider threats one of the most challenging attack vectors?

  • Insider attacks are common, obvious, and overwhelm IT security.
  • There is little that can be done to prevent a denial of service attack.
  • Employees are trusted users who have legitimate access to an organization’s data and resources.
  • Network security is designed to defend against outsiders, not insiders.

Question 3: If a suspicious package appears at your desk, which action is best aligned with good physical security practices?

  • Get your neighbour to open the package.
  • Report the package and do not open or touch it.
  • Carefully open the package and report what you find.
  • Destroy the package using an industrial shredder.

Question 4: Identify two best practices for physical security awareness. (Choose two.)

  • Always be considerate, such as holding the door open for people, even if you don’t know them.
  • Keep your desk free of any proprietary or confidential information.
  • Lock your computer screen and mobile devices every time you step away.
  • Follow your organization’s security policies unless they hinder efficiency.

Question 5: What is the root cause of almost every data breach?

  • Zero-day attack
  • Human error
  • Poorly crafted password
  • Unpatched device

Question 6: Who are included as insider threats?

  • Ambitious people
  • Another organization or person who see themselves as competitors
  • Any person with network security skills who works outside an organization
  • Employees who sometimes do not follow security practices

Question 7: Which method is a defense against potential insider threats?

  • Confront any person you suspect of being an insider threat.
  • Monitor your co-workers’ daily activities.
  • Investigate and if possible resolve the threat on your own.
  • Identify and report any suspicious activity.

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