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Views in PostgreSQL Cognitive Class Exam Answers:-

Course Name :- Views in PostgreSQL

Views in PostgreSQL Cognitive Class Final Exam Answers:-

Question 1. Where do you create views in a PostgreSQL database?

  • In two or more tables
  • In a schema
  • In a query
  • In a table

Question 2. When you first connect to a PostgreSQL database server through pgAdmin, which database do you connect to?

  • The template0 database.
  • The default database.
  • No database. You must create a new database before you can connect one.
  • None of the above statements

Question 3. After restoring a database using restore feature in pgAdmin, which of the following items are recreated in the database?

  • Data types
  • Tables
  • Data
  • All of the above

Question 4. What is a main difference between regular views and materialized views?

  • Regular views are often stored in memory.
  • You can insert, update, or delete data in regular views.
  • Regular views can improve performance.
  • Regular views are saved for future use.

Question 5. PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system. What does the object part mean for PostgreSQL?

  • Supports inheritance and overloading
  • Supports high availability and scalability
  • Uses Postgres source code
  • None of the above

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